Crestline's Reopening Plan

Special Edition August 19, 2020

We got this!

Listed below are guidelines and procedures for the reopening of school tomorrow. Please read the information thoroughly. We tried to include everything we could think of that would help families be successful in navigating through the beginning of the year. We appreciate your patience while reading, because it is quite lengthy. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the school. We're here for you.

Ms. Christian


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Public Service Announcements

Check out the latest PSAs featuring some of Crestline's finest! Each PSA is designed to give you the most up to date information district-wide on a few of the guidelines that we will have in place to keep students and staff safe. To access the videos, please click the titles below.
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Noteworthy Points

Classroom Visits

  • Due to the limitation of visitors in the building, parents will not be allowed to walk students to their classroom. Staff members will be available to help students get to class.

  • Face coverings will be worn throughout the entire day with the exception of eating and distanced mask breaks. Kindergarten students will take masks off during rest time. Please have your child practice wearing a mask/gaiter for extended periods of time so that this will be a smooth transition back into school. Let’s get in the habit of wearing our mask from the time we get out of the car until the time we leave campus.

  • Parents will choose which cloth face covering is most comfortable and works best to send with their child to school, such as gaiters or cloth masks. These must cover the nose and mouth.

  • All students are encouraged to send a baggie with an extra mask to keep in their backpack, should they need a replacement mask. Please label the baggie with the child’s name and grade.

  • Students will be provided an opportunity for mask breaks. If you see students sitting 3 to 6 feet apart or walking around outside with their mask off, they are on a mask break. Mask breaks will typically last for a few minutes.

Water Bottles
  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school daily. Please label the water bottle with the child’s name and grade. Although students will not be drinking directly from water fountains, students will have the opportunity to fill their bottle at a few refilling stations (shout out to PTO) and/or use the small cups next to each water fountain.

  • If a child can’t tie his/her own shoes, please consider wearing Velcro shoes to start the year.

  • Classroom routines will include times for students to wash their hands throughout the day and sanitizer will be administered for use multiple times as well.

  • If you are uncertain about whether to allow a child to attend school, please answer the online MBS Symptom Checker questions. This is located on the front page of the website under the tab "For Parents".

  • When students are absent, you will need to email a signed excuse to Emailing a teacher does not excuse an absence.

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Arrival Procedures

We are encouraging all families not to arrive prior to 7:35 a.m. in order to maintain social distancing and reduce the amount of times students are in large groups. At 7:35 a.m., all students will proceed to their classroom through specific doors dedicated to certain grade levels.

If students arrive at school before 7:35, students with last names:

  • A – K will report to the gym. These students will enter the gym through the doors by the playground near the kindergarten classrooms.
  • L – Z will report to the auditorium. These students will enter through the auditorium doors by the playground.

  • Once in this location, students will sit by family group social distanced from other family groups. Students will be dismissed from these locations at 7:35 by grade level to travel to their homeroom class.

Students arriving after 7:35 will go directly to their classrooms. Students will enter through the following doors:
  • Kindergarten students will enter the doors by the playground near the kindergarten classrooms.

  • 1st & 5th grade students will enter through the doors immediately to the right of the office.

  • 2nd grade students (except Ms. Cain’s class) will enter the main lobby to the left of the office.

  • 3rd and 4th grade students will enter the doors by the auditorium.

  • 6th grade students will enter off the Elm Street alley.

Parents will not be allowed to accompany their students into the building. However, older siblings/walking companions will be allowed to accompany their younger kindergarten and/or 1st grade siblings to their classrooms.

Dismissal Procedures

All dismissal groups will be announced on the intercom. All students must leave campus immediately following their dismissal. It is imperative that students know their pickup plan every day.

· Bike riders with last names starting with the following letters will be dismissed at the following times:

  • A – K at 2:40
  • L – Z at 2:42

· Walkers with last names starting with the following letters will be dismissed at the following times: (A walker is defined as anyone who leaves campus by any other means than carpool or bike.)

  • A – F at 2:44
  • G – N at 2:46
  • O – Z at 2:48

· If any students are in walking groups with Kindergarten or 1st grade students, they will report to those students’ classrooms, pick them up, then proceed to the nearest exit. Otherwise, students will exit from the same doors they entered into upon arrival. If adults are meeting walking groups at an on campus location (i.e. flagpole, playground, etc) you must leave campus as soon as your walking group arrives.


Parents need to decide a carpool name (a last name of one of the students in the carpool) print/write the chosen name and place it in the front passenger side windshield of their vehicle. Teachers will call the staging locations (lunchroom and gym) to release students to carpool once their carpool name is called.

At 2:50 pm:

  • Students using the front (West Jackson Blvd) carpool will be dismissed to the lunchroom.
  • Students using the back (Elm Street) carpool will be dismissed to the gym.
  • Carpools will assemble in social distanced groups.
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  • How will students move throughout the building? The amount of moving through the building will be limited. Students will remain in the same classroom throughout the day. Teachers will be changing classes instead. Most hallways have been marked as one way. Students will be going out and around the building to go to PE.
  • How far apart will students sit in the classroom? The goal is for students to be spread out 4-6 feet. In some cases, students will only be 3 feet apart, due to classroom size.
  • What will PE look like? At most times, the number of students will be reduced as we divide students into two groups. Half of the class will be in the gym, while the other half will be on the field or in the auditorium. Students will keep a mask on while directions are being given. Masks will be removed while students exert high levels of exertion. PE equipment will be sanitized throughout the day. Students will be using hand sanitizer before and after going to PE.
  • What will recess look like? Students will be wearing mask during recess.
  • What will lunch look like? All students will be eating lunch in their classroom. They will be washing hands prior to lunch. K-2 student lunches will be delivered to the classroom. 3rd - 6th grade students purchasing lunch, a drink, or additional items will go through the lunchroom line. Contactless charges will be made to each student’s account.
  • What happens if my child’s mask gets soiled during the day? A disposable mask will be provided.
  • How can I celebrate my child’s birthday at school? Treats will be available for purchase through the lunchroom. Contact Andrea Rodgers (, lunchroom manager, and your child’s homeroom teacher to make arrangements.
  • What do I do if I need to check my child in? Come on into the school. Kathy Dye and/or Jane Dickens will take it from there. No signing will be necessary.
  • What do I do if I need to check my child out of school? For check out, come to the front door, ring the bell, and let Jane Dickens or Kathy Dye know who you need to check out and why. You will need to show your license. This can be done by holding your license up to the camera with the bell or you may enter and show your license. Your child will be called down to walk through the office and meet you on the front porch of the school. No signing will be necessary.
  • Do I need to worry about anything? Even if we say no, you still may worry. However, we are here to help you.
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Important Numbers

Crestline Office - (205) 871-8126
  • Ms. Christian, Principal ext. 7302
  • Mr. Watkins, Asst. Principal ext. 7303
  • Dr. Waters, Asst. Principal ext. 7305
Health Room - (205) 802-4992

  • Sandra Overstreet, Nurse
  • Missy Cummings, Nurse