1938, 1945

1938, The Fateful Year

1. On November 9 to November 10, 1938, in an incident known as “Kristallnacht”, Nazis in Germany torched synagogues, vandalized Jewish homes, schools and businesses and killed close to 100 Jews.

2. In the aftermath of Kristallnacht, also called the “Night of Broken Glass,” some 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to Nazi concentration camps.

3. On October 5, 1938, Jews passports were invalidated, and those who needed a passport for emigration purposes were given one marked with a letter J.

4. A law required Jews who did not have a "typically Jewish name" to add one.

5. About 300,000 Jews emigrated before Hitlers "Final Solution"


1. January 17, there was an evacuation of Auschwitz

2. January 27, the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz

3. In April, troops from the US liberated survivors from the Buchenwald and Dachau concentration camps.

4. May 7, Germany surrendered and the war in Europe ends.

5. Nazis forced concentration camp inmates on death marches