Healing Addiction Naturally

at Namasté Center for Healing

Improve Your Health with Cari Junge

  • Expert consultation/ recommendation for natural healing measures when the brain and body are stressed from substance abuse.

  • Screening and testing methods for common conditions associated with substance abuse; hormone deficiency/adrenal fatigue, gastro-intestinal parasites, yeast and bacterial conditions, and the detoxification pathway's state of oxidative stress.

  • Natural healing measures based on lab results using lifestyle, diet, exercise and natural supplementation recommendations.

  • Integrative health approach to healing the "Addict's brain" and body working with our expert team of clinicians specializing in trauma, addiction, and the intimacy spectrum

Cari offers Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultation, Education, and Classes to individuals and couples who attend Namasté for recovery from trauma, sexual compulsivity, Anorexia, Substance Abuse, and other addictions and aversions. Her “classroom approach” to wellness is supportive, offering education and guidance to men and women who struggle with sleep disturbances, eating habits, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory issues, and other ailments.

About Cari...

As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Traditional Naturopathy/ Natural Medicine Doctoral Candidate who works closely with the Kalish Institute, Cari provides clients at Namasté Center For Healing with a holistic recovery program focusing on mental, physical, sexual, financial, and spiritual health. With over 20 years of experience as an Industry Leader in Health, Wellness & Sports Performance, Cari is also a seasoned sports performance coach and Lifestyle & Sports Nutritionist with a history in Personal Training/ Group Fitness/ Sports Therapy (pilates). She was the National Association of Professional Women 2011-12 Woman of the Year for Health and Fitness and is an 8x Iron Man Athlete.

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