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Weber Updates!!

Weather Tips/District Policy Reminders for Our Winter Months Ahead!!

Parking Lot Car Pick Up Procedures

As we get in to our "busy" season with car pick up and drop off, please read through the Weber Car Pick Up procedures below:

1. Children must be dropped off curbside: Please do not drop off your children in the parking lot area or in the passing lane of the circle drive so small children do not come across the oncoming traffic.

2. Pull all the way up past the crosswalk: Pull up to the end of the sidewalk when letting children off for school.

3. Wait to drop off your children: Children should be dropped off right after the crosswalk (white stripped lines nearest to the front door). This will create better flow and access in dropping off children.

4. Safety first, give yourself a little more time as we come into winter:

As the weather changes more parents will be dropping off and picking up students making the area more congested. So please try to drop off your students a few minutes earlier than normal.

*Also, Please take extra caution and drive slower through Wild Prairie Drive and Goldenrod Drive when approaching crosswalks.

Virtual Backpack

Check out our Virtual Backpack for events and opportunities in our community for families to enjoy. Each week we upload new flyers. Bookmark the page and visit it each week.

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