Freshman year!

What I enjoyed the most this year?

I enjoyed playing sports this whole year! Playing sports was the best part of this whole year because I got to meet new people and get really close with some of the seniors. Playing sports helped me get through this whole year with good grades because I knew if I had bad grades or attendance I wasn't going to be able to play sports. Being on varsity every sport I played was a one in a life time thing it was really a privilege. This year I met some of the best coaches I have ever had, no matter what the outcome was they were always committed to our teams.

What three things I learned this year?

One thing I learned this year was that being in class is really important because if you miss just one day I can really affect your grades. Another thing I learned is to get as involved in as many extracurricular activities as you can because it can help you in many different ways, and make school much more enjoyable. Finally, another thing I learned is that you have to stay committed not just for the team but for yourself just because you don't perform well one time or you aren't always the best doesn't mean you can't get better.

3 things you did; either participated in an event, activity or sport?

I played soccer, basketball, and I cheered.

What are your goals for next year?

My goals for next year is to get better attendance. Try not and miss class as much and be on time. Another goal is to talk to more freshman, this is my goal because I really didn't talk to that many sophomores or juniors as a freshman. I think I was friends with more seniors than freshman...

What are your summer plans?

My first for sure summer plan is to go to the pool with friends. Going to the pool is fun especially when there is a lot of friends with you. I probably spend too much time at the pool in the summers. Another thing I am going to do is practice soccer and basketball when we have open gyms and open fields. I need to practice in the off seasons in order to get better. I will more than likely spend at least one day of the week at fun plex. Fun plex never gets old because of their wave pool.