Meera Rajamani


A high school student named Rudy had big dreams to play football at Notre Dame College. First he applied but didn't get in yet he wasn't discouraged. Next, he went to the college and begged the head coach to let him play. The head coach said yes but only if he got his grades up. Rudy was ecstatic! He studied and studied until he finally go to play football for Notre Dame College.

The Sweet Smell of Sucess

John was an average person. He was engaged, had a good life, and a decent job. He was satisfied with his life but he wanted something more. He wanted financial security. He pursued his hobby of cooking. He started a glazed almond and pecan business called "The Nutty Bavarian". At first business was slow and John was about to give up. But by the end of the year, "The Nutty Bavarian", had become his livelihood. Because of his booming business, John and his family were ensured financial support.

A Dream Goes to Waste

Laura Beth had a problem with her neighborhood. It was full of trash that could be recycled. But nobody chose to do so because there were no recycling plants near her neighborhood. So she found a solution. She create her own recycling plant. No one actually used it but Laura Beth was not discouraged. She talked to everyone about her ideas and by the end of the year, her neighborhood was spotless because everyone was using her recycling plant.

Dancing to the Rhythms of Her Heart

Robin was a mother, a wife, and much more. She was happy with her life but felt like something was missing. She had a passion of dancing when she was younger. Robin decided to peruse this passion of hers. Before she started to dance, everyone said that she couldn't do it. But Robin had a mindset that if she put everything into it, she could achieve anything. She became buried in her passion but her family was still the biggest part of her life.