Adaptation PBL

Andrew G.

Adaptation PBL

Tundray is a planet that most people cannot survive in this cold dark place because Tundrany has the snowiest mountains,the darkest caves and many more. Only some animals can survive on this planet and that's Plantera and GemMonster.

Plantera protects its crystal so it can male food. If something get close it get ready to attack. This plant floats above the snow in stead of staying in one place so predators won't camp Plantera. It uses its crystal to also sense predators so it can hide around the corner. You can't really find this producer easily because they live on top of the mountains and if a predator destroys there home,Plantera goes to the furthest mountain and rebuilds. If Plantera is hurt it stays in one place and regains its energy.It regains the light of the stars at night

The GemMonster has really bad eye sight cause it's in the dark and cold lands so it uses its gem to use light so it know where it is. It uses four arms to build, break,and damage prey.Sense GemMonster can't see very well it has really good hearing to listen for predators. This creature will not stop a serious fight even when the gem is broken or cracked. This thing walks really slow,so when it's chasing a Ocran it will never catch up to it. The gem is super powerful because it can blind the prey or damage a lot cause it shots a huge beam that nothing can get through. When GemMonster is really hurt it heals very quick. this creature is really strong because it can use its gem to create a super strong shield that nothing can break through.

Won't learning about Plantera sound amazing. Wouldn't trying to find out what GemMonster great. Even if they're hard to find I'm sure they have great adaptations.