How to become...the best NFL player

Written by: Camden Maas


He throws the football it is caught the 50,40,30,20,10 TOUCHDOWN and the crowd goes wild. Have you ever thought about playing football? Well the people who don’t know what football is it is a sport played by 2 teams with 11 on each team and they play with a rectangular field with 2 goal posts. Also some people don’t want to play football because of getting injuries. Well if you tackle right you will get a less chance of getting injured. If you want to know how to block or tackle in football it requires proper form and technique. Teaching youth players how to correctly block and tackle builds confidence on the football field. Help the player to understand that most injuries occur when not using proper technique. Practice technique repeatedly so it becomes second nature to the player.
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Early Goals

One early goal for football is to have a good eligibility { getting good grades in school.} It will show to coach that you are a kid that takes his time on school. Because I know that school comes before football. Also another early goal is to start at an early age to start with flag football. So then you can move up to tackle football because if you go right away you might not know what to do so you have to start with flag football where you play and you learn for later years. Finally another one is that you can practice for later years here are some ways you can practice

  • Know what position you want to be.

  • Practice hard and daily.

  • Exercise hard, but take breaks.

  • Join groups or organizations to get a feel for what a team is.

  • Listen carefully to what your coach says.

  • Watch football games or re-runs.
  • Finally, be fearless.

Day to day life as a football player

One thing you have to do as a football player is to put your gear on like your shoulder pads how you put those on is to put your head in over the top and push your arms through the two arm holes. One arm goes through first. Your left arm through second and down over your head. Make sure the shoulder pads fit nicely over your shoulders and then you will strap and tie them and then you are ready.Next another thing on a day to day base is to work your legs to get stronger leg muscles. Some ways you can do that is…

  • Climb a Ladder

  • Step Ups

  • Go Climbing

  • Run laps

Also a thing you may have to do every few days is go to practice. Yaaa it can get really boring and hard. But then you realize that you are learning something. And if you love football then you get to play the sport that you love most.


Some professionals in the field are

  • Russell Wilson

  • Tom Brady

  • Eddie Lacy

  • Marshawn Lynch

These are some role models who take their time on football and and school.I also interviewed a NFL football player named Michael Hoomanawanui.These are some questions I asked him under the questions are what he wrote back for answers.

Q.] What inspired you to play football?

A.]My father and uncle inspired me to play. They played together in college and I wanted to be like them.

Q.] How did you make it to the NFL?

A.] I made it with hard work and determination and having good people around me.

Q.] What did you have to do in the NFL Combine?

A.] I had to complete a series of workouts including the 40 yard dash, 225lb bench press for reps and change of direction drills as well as positions specific drills.

Q.] what is your position and if you could play any position what would you choose and why?

A.]I play tight end on offense and if i could play any position it would be punter.

Q.] Have you ever been injured and how did it happen?

A.]I have had several small injuries but the biggest one is reconstructive knee surgery. I got hit with a helmet to my right knee in 2011.

Q.]what is your favorite memory from football and why?

A.]Being part of the super bowl winning team in New England last year. it was a dream come true to win the super bowl.

That is interviewing Michael Hoomanawanui!

Now some people say should we care for these pros? Well the answer is yes these people work hard and sometimes get injured just to put a show on and to entertain you. Also some people wonder how are NFL football players so good? Well here are some reasons why

  • Having the inner desire.

  • wasn’t afraid to ask for help.

  • Being smart.

  • had the requisite experience.

  • and played High school football.


Now that you know about football you should go out and start playing football. Also you need to remember that you need to have fun when you play. Now that you might want to play football that would be a good choice because you know so much about it now and you may of have background knowledge. Also it would be a great way to workout. Now you should sign up for a league. Also you should go and by your gear for football season,And that is some way to be a good football player.

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