Call It Courage

Book Details

What is Call It Courage about?

It is about a boy named Mafatu who is afraid of the sea. He is the some of the chief of the Native American tribe. Everybody teases him that he is afraid of water, and he finally gets sick of it. When he is fifteen, he decides to face his fears. He takes his dog Uri with him, but then a horrible storm washes them away to an island. This is a story about perseverance and bravery.

Who will it interest?

Mainly, people in grades 5-7, or ages 10-12. This is a X book, so advanced readers will read about it. Learn more:

My Opinion

I think it is a good survival book, and it is advanced and challenging. Very good plot, and a good lesson learned. It shows the beliefs in different cultures, they believe in gods and goddesses. All in all, a really good book.