Similar milestones

From 2 months to 5 years

2 Months

Smiled at people

Loved watching my mobile on top of my crib

I could also calm myself down briefly

liked to push up when I had belly time

4 Months

Played with people

had different cries

tried to copy sounds

responded to affection

6 Months

Could realize if person was a stranger

responded by making sounds

loved self in mirror

rolled over

9 Months

Cling to mom

loved bunny rattle


sat up with out support

1 Year

shy with strangers

cried when mom or dad left

says mama and dada

18 Months


Has temper tantrums

Says several words

2 Years

Follows simple instructions

can run

Copies others

Knows familiar people's names

3 Years

Dresses self

Says name and age

shows emotions

turns pages in book

4 Years

Sings pre-school songs

Plays with mom and grandma

loves make believe

tells stories

5 Years

Loves to dance


counts to ten

uses toilet

loves the swing