The Last Olympian

By Rick Riordan

Action and Mystery?

Are you down for some great adventure? If so this action packed book will blow your mind. A book like this has sold just over a million copies world wide. Another thing to jazz this story up is the mystery. With every turn you are supplied with a new detail that in the end all add up. It has you wondering where all those hours you spent reading went

Another one?

Rick Riordan has done it again. Once again Rick Riordan writes a killer Percy Jackson Tale. If you have read the beginning to this great series, it is about time you read the end. As soon as this story was open to the public it started sweeping the charts. Reviews rave about this great book.

Where can I get more?

If you're an avid reader your probably thinking," only 375 pages?" And you would be right. If you read this book and are just hungry for more then go after the other two series. If you decided to skip the first series no matter, you are still able to ease right into this book. With plenty of background provided into the first two or three chapters you could get by without even reading the first three books.