Seasonal Affective disorder

By Gianna Torromeo tb 7

What is it?

It is kind of depression that comes back the same time each year. It usually happens in the winter because its caused by decreased daylight exposure.

Signs and Symptoms

changes in eating

difficulty concentrating

less time social izing

changes in mood

lack of enjoymengt

low energy

change in sleep

How does it affect someone?

they get tired

less energy

they get it when winter comes and it goes away in spring

Other names or forms?

Itś called SAD

How is it diagnosed?

Its diagnosed after careful evaluation. They make sure symptom isn´t because of a medical condition that needs treatment

How is it treated?

It´s treated with increased light exposure, light thereapy , talk therapy, and with medicaiton

Interesting note or fact

It could be reversed they could get depressed in the summer or spring instead of the winter.