Philip II of Spain

One of the greatest rulers of his time period!

The Hapsburg Family

The Hapsburg Family was the most powerful family in Europe, until Charles V divided everything up, and gave Spain to Philip II

Facts About Philip

Philip II was born on May 21, 1527 and died on September 13, 1598. He ruled in Spain from 1556-1598. He married Queen Elizabeth's younger sister, Mary. This united the two kingdoms of England and Spain.

Divine Right of Kings

The Divine Right of Kings is the religious policy that is the right to rule an empire from God. This was how Philip and his family took over the land of Spain.

Spanish Armada

The Spanish Armada was the Spanish fleet of 130 ships that sailed from A Coruña in August 1588. Philip II tried to conquer England, but failed in doing so.

Other Important Things of this Time Period

Two Policies Enacted to Achieve Goals

1. Foreign Policy- used to defeat the Turks at Lepanto, failed at the Spanish Armada, and had a ;lot of religion in it.

Philip's Achievements

1. 1580 defeated Portugal; annexed their empire for Spain.

2. 1557 won a landmark, victory over French forces.

3. Won a naval victory over the Ottoman Turks at Lepanto.