Who Does Deforestation Affect?

By Amaar

Who does deforestation affect???

Have you ever wondered who does deforestation affecting?

These are 3 animals that lost there home by deforestation

Jungle/Rainforest Deforestation Animation By Sim
deforestation effects loggers.loggers can lose their job if they don't chop down trees.the people who live in the forest.It can also effect the first nations way of living because they hunt deer and deer are being endangered.so they may not be able to eat deer aand continue there tradition.
Deforestation Cartoon!

Here is one example for one group of people who want to protect that forest.The Haida Gwaii has an ancient forest that loggers want to cut down.There is a tribe called the Haida tribe who lives there. The Haida people are angry and will do anything to protect their ancient forest .

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