Carlisle Library Newsletter

September 2015

Welcome back Coyotes!

School is back in swing and library classes are well underway. I am so excited to be back in our beautiful Carlisle library. The library underwent a minor face change over the summer. It was repainted and then some cool words were painted onto the walls. We added new Welcome rugs and some colorful bean bag chairs to brighten up the room. It looks wonderful, and I know the students are excited to claim their favorite bean bag chair.

We have some fun reading challenges coming up. Of course the Bluebonnet award books are a favorite challenge for the 3rd-5th graders. K-2nd graders can read the Texas 2x2 award books. All students who desire to will be able to participate in Rita's Reading Program sponsored by Rita's Custard. Successful readers will even be able to win a coupon for a tasty treat!

This month in the library we will be learning about Digital Citizenship. Computers are an ever increasing part of education, and students are on them learning everyday. Therefore, we want students to learn that not only is it important to be a good citizen at school and in their community but it is important to be a good citizen online as well.

It's going to be a great year!

Mrs. Hensley

Carlisle Librarian

Learning Resources

PISD offers some very good databases for children of all ages. These databases can be accessed through the Library catalog (click on the Research Tools tab) from home or on your mobile:

Britannica is new this year and I think it is going to be a great resource for teachers and students alike. The Pebble Go databases are geared more toward K-2 students; the others databases vary in age level. To log into any database the username is: planoisd and the password is: discover. In the Library catalog, you can also access the TumbleBook Library (click on the eBooks tab) using the same username and password as above. The TumbleBook Library has a myriad of e-books from which to choose.

Please take advantage of the online resources. They are great tools for research projects. I think that both you and your children will enjoy learning from them.