Governor Memorandum


Our guiding thought for this week is FINISH

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As in finish these pages. As in this week. As in BEFORE THANKSGIVING.

What are you going to do to make this happen?

You probably need to come in after school this week.

These pages HAVE TO BE FINISHED BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!! Most of you are very, very close!! We have a plant deadline in December and we owe 32 pages. We cannot make that deadline without these pages right now.

I made notes on some of your pages. Correct those items. I also made changes to some of your pages to help speed this along.

Please mark your names (First and last names only, not the grade!!!) for the index. Every time you use a student name on a page, you have to mark it - even if their picture doesn't appear. See the Learning Stuff section for information on how to mark for the index.

When you think you have everything done, go get a final checklist off of the brand new colorful desk and go through it. Then let me know and we will check it together.

And then you have to start on the next one. It's a marathon...we won't be done until April. But I promise you that if you do it right, you will be so proud of what you create. Finish these pages this week and let's move on!

Check your email Tuesday for specific information about your next pages. I'm going to email each of you individually.

Club Pictures Dec. 1 - Pass your classes!!!

Club picture day is Tuesday, Dec. 1 and we need all of your bodies there to make this work. Get your work done this week. Friday, we will go over the club picture day plans.

Log your time

Did you do a work log last week? I didn't remind you. Do one this week! Complete your work log by Friday, 3 PM

To access the work log, click here. You need to fill it out every Friday. Don't get a zero for not completing the work log.

Learning stuff

About marking names

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Alphabetical Student Listing

Please check the list for every single name you use. Check the spelling. That's the spelling you have to use. Take the time to get it right because you'd want yours right!!

You need to also note the page # and leave your initials. If a student is used 3 times, DO NOT USE THEM AGAIN. FIND SOMEONE ELSE!!

The name list is also printed in the classroom for your reference, but you need to make a note on the digital name list of every name you used on your page.

Click here for the Alphabetical List