North America

Comparison of NH, CA, and Quebec

Gross State Product

The GSP is the economic output of a state. It is the value of all the industries within the state. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is similar and serves as a "counterpart" to it.
NH vs. CA

Has good visuals of New Hampshire vs. California

SATs in Canada

In Canada, they don't have the SATs. They go by a different system. Most Universities just look at your high school grades. In some Provinces they will take "Government exams" which are very similar to SATs.

Living in California

I would rather live in California. While it may be more expensive than living in New Hampshire I feel like the climate and landscape can make up for that a lot. The crime is really bad in LA but that't to be expected as it's a big city and that's where everyone wants to go. I would rather move to Northern California because I don't like how bad the pollution is in SoCal especially in LA. But when you think about it California has so much to offer. There are big cities but there are also small towns with a nice country feel. There are beaches, mountains, forests, deserts, almost anything you could ask for.