Wanted: Taliban

If you find them you will get over 100,000,000 Dollars

About the Taliban

The Taliban are a group of fundamentalist Sunni Muslim militants that's mostly near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Other members come from the ranks and the vast majority of Taliban are ethnic Pashtun. They are strongly antagonistic toward American and NATO forces in Afghanistan as well as the new government led by President Hamid Karzai. Mullah Dadullah is the leader of the Taliban.

This is Mullah Omar Dudullah

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Taliban Restriction on the Women

The taliban had banned the women from shopping in public areas. They have the women convered up from top to bottom. The women can't have no skin showing or they would get punished for breaking their rule.
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The Laws of the Taliban

1.) The law of women not being able to wear mens clothing was a later law introduced after women who had no male relative to go out and provide for them, were forced on to the street in mens clothing in order to buy food or gain medical assistance.

2.)Female doctors who had lost their jobs when the Taliban took power, were forced to run underground, secret hospitals for women or to walk to the homes of sick women, where they would do so in mens clothing.

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If you find the Taliban you will recive 100,000,000 Dollars

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