Water Fountain Parabola

By Aubrey K. and Trevor T.

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Location of Water Fountain:

Freshman Hall

Equations of Parabola

Vertex Form: -(x-4)^2+9

Standard Form: -x^2+8x-7


1. The height of the water leaving the spout represents the starting point.

2. The spot where the water hits the tray would be the zero or the x-intercept.

3. In our equation, the maximum height of the water is 9 centimeters.

4. The water is 4 centimeters away from the spout when it reaches its maximum height.

5. The domain tells you how long it takes for the water to hit the tray.

6. The range tells you the height of the maximum point of the stream.

7. The three points that were used were (2,5), (4,9), and (6,5).