Martin Luther

Saint or Sinner?

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The Saint - Martin Luther

Martin Luther is a saint for many reasons. One being, his 95 theses. It is easy to interpret theses statements in many ways, but it is easy to look at from a positive viewpoint. Luther wrote the 95 theses to help the Church fix their corruption by pointing out everything that caused it. The theses gave tips and suggestions on how to fix all of the problems the Church endured. Luther was also a Saint because he started new religions and gave the people more options. For example, entering this time period, there were only two churches, Catholic and Protestant. Now, there are Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Christian churches. With Luther's help, more people can indulge in religion with the many options they have. Another reason Martin Luther is a saint is he helped souls who went or are going to hell get out. In thesis number 17, Luther states, "It seems as though for the souls in purgatory fear should necessarily decrease and love increase." This is being read as him saying, then more love the souls in Purgatory have, the less sin they have. Martin Luther is the greatest saint of the Reformation.

Martin Luther - a Sinner.

Martin Luther is a sinner. Between his disagreements with the Pope and his 95 theses, he is the ultimate sinner. Luther's famous 95 theses are his most famous work as a sinner. In the theses, he states that the Church is corrupt and that they are wrong in all of their actions and thoughts. For example, the Catholics believed in indulgences to get their sins repented. In thesis 2, he says, "This word cannot be understood as referring to the sacrament of penance, that is, confession and satisfaction, as administered by the clergy." This means, only God can give salvation and repent sins, not a priest. Luther believed indulgences were silly and only a source of money for the Church. Luther is a sinner for his use of the printing press. He used this device to print thousands of copies of his ideas and sent them throughout Europe to spread his ideas. The Pope did not like this because it lead to his losing followers to Luther, who started Protestantism. Luther appeared for questioning with Charles V, who wanted to renounce Luther for heresy. Luther admitted all of the writings found were his and Charles asked, "Will you recant?" That is a simple yes or no question. Luther ignored it and went on a rant defending his works. Charles eventually ruled Luther an outlaw and heretic of the empire. Luther is a sinner because he disagreed with the Catholic church, who were dominant in power at this time.


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