Maybell Transportation Request

Draft transportation proposal for the Maybell PAC

DRAFT Request for review and editting

Dear Maybell Parents,

The Maybell PAC requested that we look into the possibility of utilizing the Brown's Park bus/minivan for transportation from Maybell to Lay to pick up students in the mornings and afternoons. Tinneal Gerber and I worked on the information together, which I believe will be presented to the Board of Education on Monday, December 14th, 2015.

We factored 20 minutes each way for salary considerations, with the assumption of starting from the Maybell School. We realize at 12 miles between the Maybell School and the Lay turnoff, this provides a little bit of flex time. Google maps says it is done in 13 minutes each way with clear weather. We did 20 minutes to account for varying road conditions/weather and pickup/delivery of kids of each way. This may or may not be enough time to consider pick-up and drop-off of the van in Sunbeam. I would like the PAC parents' opinion on this as you drive this route frequently and hopefully know where the van is kept in Sunbeam. Do you think this is the appropriate amount of time? Do you think this would this cover the pick-up and drop-off of van in Sunbeam?

The numbers below show a cost analysis work-up for two different budgeting scenarios, salary and fuel without wear and tear calculations and salary with wear and tear calculations. The IRS calculation for mileage, including wear and tear, is $0.575. There is no fuel cost when using the IRS calculation, as fuel is factored into the $0.575. This was not clearly stated in the numbers below and I wanted to make sure there was no confusion on this. The Board will need to decide which calculation to use (when we get to that point in time).

Taylor cannot be the driver as this will place her into overtime pay every week. We would need to recruit a separate driver.

Please let me know if you have any questions and please share your thoughts.

(970) 826-6595

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