A Boy at WAR

A Novel of Pearl Harbor


Fourteen-year-old Adam Pelko, is from a military family. Adams Father Emory Pelko is well known in the Navy. Adam moves a lot, now living in Hawaii the days are leading up to and during the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor. Adam and two friends are fishing in a rowboat on the harbor in the morning witnessing the attack occur. Adam and his two other friends think it's a drill but, Adam realizes the bombings and shootings are real. While Adam is witnessing Airplanes swirling out of control in the air. The skies are filled with intense smoke. Adam visually sees the Arizona ship blow up into pieces sinking under water. Adam father is stationed to the Arizona ship.


Hawaii, 1941
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" A Boy at War" Conflicts

Man vs Himself- Adam struggles a lot with being who he really is because he's always trying to Impress his Father.

Man vs Man- Adam has Conflict with his friend Davi, after the Japanese invades Pearl Harbor because Adam thought Davi was undercover for the Japanese.

Man vs Society- After the Japanese invades Pearl Harbor, everyone is severely hurt and Adam had to take upon a role to save himself and other people.

Pearl Harbour Attacked (1941)
1941 Pearl Harbor Attack Aftermath (HD)

Pictures of the Tragic Event on December 7, 1941

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