Mentor/Mentee March 2015

Focus: Diversity among our children with ADHD

What is ADHD?

"Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A disorder in which a person is unable to control behavior due to difficulty in processing neural stimuli, accompanied by an extremely high level of motor activity...A child with ADHD may be extremely distractible, unable to remain still, and very talkative."

What is it like to have ADHD and learn in my classroom?

How Does It Feel to Have ADHD A Kid's Perspective YouTube

Interventions to try...

**They have to know that you love them and try your best to develop a healthy, trusting relationship with you**

1. Stated expectations and daily calendar of events (helps the students to know what comes next throughout the day)

2. Sensory diet tools (textured bracelets, necklaces, different textured objects to calm the brain

3. Frequent breaks (errands, water, changing chair positions, flexible working areas in the classroom

4. Consistent behavior contracts with positive reinforcements (daily works best)

5. Constant communication with parents (be selective, every parent likes to hear positive things about their child)!

6. Brain breaks (go noodle, yoga)

7. Keep an organized classroom and classroom procedures (don't move the homework basket every day. They need consistency and routine.

When assigning homework, keep these children in mind...

*if the child is on medicine for ADHD, it has likely worn off by 4:00-5:00 (family time)

*most parents literally fight with their child to get their homework finished for 2-3 hours when they get home from work (mostly ends in tears)