DL-Final Exam

Evaluating my digital footprint

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is your representation of your self online such as social medias.So it is very important to maintain a good digital footprint because in the future when you try to get a job the job you are applying for will check your social medias.

Tools for Digital Footprint

  • Twitter- This tool impacts my digital footprint because it is really popular and it has a lot of people on it.This tool represents me by showing how I get Involved in my school because I follow my teachers on twitter and I retweet their tweets.
  • Linkedin- This helps my digital footprint because it is a very professional tool were you can connect with other people in careers that you are interested in and it can help you find a job easier.
  • Blogger- Blogger helps improve my digital footprint because it shares my experiences that I went through and it can help me get a job because it presents me on how I developed writing skills.

How does your Digital Footprint impact your future?

Your digital footprint impacts your future depending on the way you use it.So for example If you use your footprints to follow other people it will be easier to get a job.But if you post pictures of you partying all the time on your footprint then it will be more difficult for you to get a job because you have a bad digital footprint.

Most important thing I learned this semester!

The most important thing I learned this semester about keeping a positive digital footprint is that you have to connect with other people that have the same interest as you.And that you need to get involved in the community so you can interact with others.