Mobile Apps for School

Elementary Age (iPhone Apps)

GO Dance!

This mobile app is very similar to the Wii game Just Dance. In it, users mimic the movements of the person on-screen and get points for every correct movement they do!

This would be a great app for kids to have if you are teaching Physical Education to elementary aged-kids! They can take it home and practice throughout the night and use the dance moves from the game to create an original dance in gym class.

Math Academy

This is an excellent game to help students with basic math (M.A.D.S.). It is fun and just the right boost for those students who need more mental readiness!

Fun With Physics!

Top 10 FUN WITH PHYSICS iOS (iPhone, iPad/iPad mini, iPod) Games by iGamesView! Download

Why choose this app?

Explore the world of physics as you play physic-based games! This would be great to use for children in grade 4 when studying Simple Machines in science!

The video above contains many other apps other than Fun With Physics.

iTooch 5th Grade L. Arts

iTooch elementary trailer (eduPad)

Why choose this app?

Here's what iTunes says about it:

With more than 1590 exercises iTooch Language Arts Grade 5 is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Language Arts for fifth graders.

What more explanation is needed? This app would be a blast to help out your 5th graders!

Touch Piano

Why choose this app?

The touch piano is a free app that can be used in music class at an elementary school! Students can create their own tunes or display their knowledge of pp to ff to arpeggios to major and minor thirds!