7 Tips for Aging Well:

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1. Avoid Smoking and Heavy Drinking

Smoking and heavy drinking harms every organ in your body, by not smoking and drinking you are less likely to develop gum disease, cancer and wrinkly skin. Smoking can also affect your vision, making it hard for you to see at night and even causing blindness.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise for about 45 minutes a 4 to 5 times a week by doing exercises like aerobics and aqua-aerobics. These activities can keep your heart young and healthy, while helping your figure, brain and increasing energy.

3. Eat Healthy Foods

Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and fish. Try to avoid fatty foods and cook with olive oil instead of butter. Start to eat vitamins, vitamins will give you nutrients that you are missing. Eating healthy will increase your energy, keep you in shape and won't clog your arteries and hurt your heart.

4. Sleep

As you get older rest becomes a more important aspect of your life. By getting 7 or more hours of sleep it helps to keep your body and mind healthy.

5. Go To the Doctor Regularly

Go to the doctor regularly to take care of high-blood pressure, cholesterol, and other issues that might develop as you age. You should also take care of your mental health, it's time to destress and relax!

6. Be Social and Keep your Friends Close

Maintaining broad social networks as you age keep you social, happier, and you have lower rates of developing dementia.

7. Try to Learn Something New Everyday

Learning something new everyday will keep your brain functioning properly and quickly, learning will help to reduce the chances of developing dementia.
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