Who was responsible for the Holocaust? By:Owen Campbell

The cause and effect of the Holocaust.

The cause of the Holocaust was that a total of 11 million people died in the Holocaust more people died in the holocaust then people live in Georgia.

The effect of the Holocaust was lots and lots of people died during the Holocaust. They say its the worst genocide in history and I think it is because so many people died in one time and by the same person.

The backround and examples of the Holocaust.

Before the Holocaust even started Germany had been losing wars and they had to do something about it and taxes and gas prices were gowing up and Germans didnt like that. So Hitler decided to stand up and do something about it so he spent all the money on military equipment and they started winning wars and taking over countries. So Hitler thought the Jews were responsible and he wiped out almost the whole race which is called genocide. During the Holocaust about 6 million Jews died and about 11 million people in all died during the Holocaust.

Examples of the Holocaust would be slavery becuase when you are a slave you have to do what the leader says for you to do. If you don't follow his directions then you get beat really badly or you even get beat to death. This is similair to the Holocaust because Hitler pretty much killed every jew he saw it was most likely the worst genocide the world has ever seen and we need people to know about it becuase we don't want it to happen again.