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By Anne-Marie Savas

Question - How is Belarus similar to its bordering countries?
Question - How is Belarus different to its bordering countries?

Area [ km2 ]

Belarus - 207,600

Lithuania - 65,200

Latvia - 64,589

Russia - 170,753,80

Ukraine - 312,685

As you can see Belarus has the closest area to Ukraine , even thought Ukraine is larger it is the closest to Belarus [ in area ] . Belarus is much larger than Lithuania and Latvia . Russia is much larger than Belarus and all of Belarus's other bordering countries.


Belarus - 9,608,058

Lithuania - 2,165,165

Latvia - 3,505,738

Russia - 142,470,272

Ukraine - 44,291,413

Poland - 38,346,279

Russia has the biggest area out of all of Belarus's other bordering countries it also has the biggest population. This thime Ukraine and Poland have a bigger population than Belarus but Lithuania and Latvia still have the least of both.

Percentage of population who can read and write

All of Belarus's bordering countries have 100 percent of their population that can read and write.
Belarus and its bordering countries have very different area and population though they all have 100 percent of their population can read and write.

Access to clean water [ % ]

Belarus - 100

Latvia - N/A

Lithuania - N/A

Ukraine - 98

Russia - 96

Poland - N/A

Sadly I was unable to find the results of Latvia Lithuania and Poland but all of the others are between 95 and 100 percent of their country.


Most people probably know that in Russia they speak Russian but not just people in Russia speak Russian. 4 of Belarus's 6 bordering countries [ including Belarus ] also speak Russian. So Belarus has fairly similar language to it's bordering countries but 2 of them do not speak Russian.
As you can see Belarus is actually very different to its bordering countries because the population is different and the area is very different.

Though the language [ Russian ] is used in most of Belarus's bordering countries , the access to clean water is fairly the same and also the percentage of population who can read and right are precisely the same [ 100 ] .

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