L33T Index Newsletter

Job Information 1

Company: Milton Park

Address: MP Jobs Ltd, 99 Milton Park, Abingdon, OXON, OX14 4RY, United Kingdom

Contact: admin@miltonpark-jobs.co.uk 01235 512074

Job role: Medical Advisor


Specific attribute required: Being a medical advisor is very important as overall you will be working in departments such as marketing and sales, will have to do clinical research. You also will be needed in other departments in the company. So one specific attribute you will need to be a medical advisor is to help create convincing communication. So by this it can be a typical task in cooperation with the external and marketing partners in and around the company.

General attribute required: A general attribute you will need as a medical advisor is building a broad network throughout the region, also having knowledge of how the business works is a great step towards this. By building a broad network across the region is very important as not only as you will maintain a relationship with the colleagues in the work place but those around the region and you can connect better to achieve and drive the business.

Soft skill attributes: Working as a medical advisor you have to be able to use your own initiative. So by this you will have to be good at solving problems, to have common sense and to use your own judgement to make clear decisions and being able to plan to achieve. Working in a team is very important but having the ability to work at your own initiative is a very ideal requirement for this specific job role.

Job Information 2

Company: Bluefire Consulting

Address: Ground Floor, 720 The Quorum, Oxford Business Park, Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2JZ

Contact: 01865 930104

Job Role: Java Developer


Specific attribute required: As a java developer you will need to have more than 1 year experience in the industry and be able to create solutions from developing and maintaining Java based interfaces and components. You also will need to have the ability to create multimedia apps using authoring tools provided. Also as a java developer you will need to have java developer qualifications such as web user interface design and java applets. You will need to have a great knowledge of SQL and PHP.

General attribute required: To be a great java developer you will need to show great leadership skills and to be excellent at team work. Working in an organisation like this you will need to show that not only that you are capable of working at your own ability but you need to work well in a team as some projects can be group based. There are times where you will need to show great leadership in what you do to achieve a task.

Soft skill attribute: As a java developer you will need to show your interpersonal skills. These are everyday skills we use every day to interact with each other. In the work place it is important to have verbal communication because it is a way you can communicate effectively. Another interpersonal skill that is required is self-management and this is vital because this allows you to control emotions, especially in the work place you need to control anger and frustration but staying calm is the best course of action.


Geno Williams