Trojan Times

By: Principal Mike Dufrene

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Hi Hampshire Nation,

Things are rolling right along at HHS; teachers are working hard trying to meet the various needs of all students, students are getting back into good daily routines, and parents have the ability to stay involved through Schoology with their login information.

Last Friday was Picture Day for our students learning in person. Special thanks to Mrs. Grapes and Mrs. Alkire for making it a smooth day for all. This Thursday, we will host Picture Day in the auditorium for all our Virtual School students...5:00-6:30 PM for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders then 6:30-7:00 PM for 12th graders. Please contact Mrs. Grapes in the office if you have any questions.

This Friday, October 2nd we will be starting a revised instructional learning schedule. Students will learn remotely on Fridays for the rest of the semester while teachers will be working from their classrooms. This opportunity will give our teachers valuable time and balance as they reach out to all students in various ways. Fridays WILL be an instructional day for all, it is NOT a "day off". All students should be actively engaged during school hours as teachers will be available to review and reteach meaningful lessons.

Attention all seniors and senior parents...very important information is needed for Jostens in order for them to better serve you throughout the school year. Please use the link below, go to our HHS webpage, or HHS FaceBook to complete a quick survey regarding cap, gown, tassel, and graduation diploma. This survey needs to be completed by Thursday, October 1st.


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Hampshire Highlights...

- Special thanks to Mr. Hart's Criminal Justice and Law classes for painting the fence, flower boxes and planting flowers in them. Also, a big shoutout to Ms. Crites' and Mr. Keister's students for their assistance...Trojan Pride!!!

- Congrats to Ms. Amtower and Mr. Beeman for receiving the principal's Trojan "Above & Beyond" Award for the month of September!!!

- The Girls & Boys Cross County teams continue to run fast as they both took first place at the Frank Young Memorial @Battle Run!

- Congrats to the Girls Soccer team for their big win over Frankfort 8-1!

- Congrats to the Football team for their second straight victory of the season!

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This Week at HHS...

- Monday> "Dress 4 Success"; Make sure daily health self-assessments are completed; JV

Football vs Keyser home 6:00 PM; Let's make it a great week!

- Tuesday> Volleyball Tri-Match home 5:00 PM; Boys Varsity Soccer vs Keyser home 6:00 PM.

- Wednesday> No zeros allowed...make sure ALL assignments are completed and turned in for all classes; Believe & Achieve!

- Thursday> Picture Day for Virtual School learners (5:00-6:30 = 9th, 10th, & 11th graders then

6:30-7:00 = 12th graders); Girls & Boys Varsity Soccer vs Musselman 5:00 & 7:00 PM.

- Friday> Remote learning day for students!

- Saturday> Girls & Boys Cross Country home in the Buffalo Wild Wings Meet 10:00 AM.

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Healthy Expectations from Nurse Dante...

Schools are seeing an increase in sinus infections and strep throat in some of our schools. We want to remind students and parents to make sure they are washing cloth masks at least 1-2 times per week. **Schools also have paper masks available upon request.

Recommended steps for washing masks:

  1. Remove any detachable filters or bands and make sure mask/scarf is unfolded.
  2. Set machine water temperature to hot or "sanitize" if machine has that.
  3. Use a mild, preferable fragrance-free detergent. Do not use bleach, chemicals, or disinfectant to wash mask. May add 1/4 cup of white vinegar when washing.
  4. Dry masks in dryer or hang to dry, in direct sunlight if able to.

Reminder that School Based Health Services will be available at HHS in the near future. Plans to expand to middle school is also being considered.

School-based health centers are primary care clinics based on primary and secondary school campuses in the United States. Most SBHCs provide a combination of primary care, mental health care, substance abuse counseling, case management, dental health, nutrition education, health education and health promotion.

While comprehensive school-based health centers vary in staffing patterns and services provided, they share some common features:

  • They are located in schools.
  • Parents sign written consents for their children to enroll in the health center.
  • The health center works cooperatively with school nurses, coaches, counselors, classroom teachers, and school principals and their staff to assure that the health center is an integral part of the life of the school.
  • Clinical services are the responsibility of a qualified health provider (in this case E.A. Hawse Health Center, Inc.).
  • A multidisciplinary team of nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, physician’s assistants, and other health professionals care for students.
  • The health center provides a comprehensive range of services that specifically meets the serious health problems of young people in the community as well as provides general medical care.

    Hawse Health Centers accept primary insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid and we have a sliding fee available for those that qualify, just as patients would use at their primary care provider. The parent or guardian is always contacted prior to and after a student is to be seen to gain permission and report on the findings. Students do not have to miss school in this manner and any needed prescription medications can be sent to the Pharmacy of choice to be picked up at the parent or guardian’s convenience.

If you would like a Permission Form or have questions, please call Rhonda Dante, RN Lead School Nurse, Hampshire County Schools, (304) 822-5016, ext 1030.

Flu Season

The Hampshire County Health Department have two upcoming flu vaccine clinics that are available to students, staff, and families.

  • 10/1/20 at Romney Middle parking lot from 4-6pm
  • 10/17/20 at Hampshire High parking area behind school from 8am-2pm

Please remember to bring you insurance card with you.

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Counselors' Corner...

HHS is offering the SAT School day test on October 14th as a make up for all Seniors who missed it last year due to COVID. There is no charge for this test. More details will follow.

HHS is a test site for the ACT. Students who wish to take the ACT must go to the following site and create an account and register:

$55 for Standard Test

$70 for Standard plus Writing Test

Thanks for all the patience with schedule changes. If you ever have questions about anything related to your schedule or credits please feel free to reach out to your counselor. (provide the link or emails)

Mr. Feazell's Tech Tips...

Tech Tip:

Organize, Organize, Organize! It is very important for you to stay organized, both in the classroom and virtually. When you are in a classroom, you would have separate notebooks, textbooks, and folders to keep your materials all organized so you are able to find items and get them turned in on time. Doing things virtually is no different. You need to use your One Drive to create folders for each class. Then when you are doing work, put that work in each folder. Then when you are looking for materials you have finished you will know exactly where to find them.

To Create Folders...

1) Click on the Waffle, and select One Drive.

2) Click New

3) Click Folder, and create a folder called Fall 2020.

4) Click New

Click Folder, and create a different folder for each block

How to Use:

When you are doing assignments, go into each folder and start a new document directly in that folder. You can create any type of Office document you need to make and you are also able to put in a link if there is something you want to keep for one class.

Word: You can type documents like essays.

Excel: Input data, make charts and graphs.

PowerPoint: Multimedia presentations are made here. You can also make posters, pictures, and videos.

OneNote: A digital notebook, like a 3 ring binder you can easily input anything there.

Forms for Excel: Create Surveys

Links: Copy and Paste links for the Internet.

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Let's go to work,

Mr. Dufrene