Cantlebary's Cubs' Newsletter

Week of September 19, 2016

Notes from Ms. Cantlebary...

  • Our school Read-a-thon fundraiser starts next week! A note went home in Thursday folders next week. :0) More information will be coming soon!
  • An e-mail will go out tonight inviting you to sign up for a parent-teacher conference if you did not sign up for one on Curriculum Night. Please follow the link in the e-mail to the sign-up genius.
  • Students will start reading groups this week. On Wednesday they will bring home their book baggie (ziplock bag with a reading book in it). Students should do their assigned reading and then bring their book in their book baggie back to school each day. Please help your child keep up with his/her book baggie and make sure it comes back to school. We will talk about the reading homework each day and it's important they have their book with them.
  • A note will go home with your child this week to let you know their reading level and where you can find more information on book at their level. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Weekly Itinerary


We will begin to ask and answer questions about the books we read (who, where, when, what, why, and how). Ms. Cantlebary will continue testing to determine phonics knowledge and sight word knowledge. Students should read a book of their choice for 20 minutes for homework on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday students will start bringing home their book baggie. This means students will have an assigned book or chapter to read. Often they will have a question(s) to answer after their reading. If your child is assigned a chapter to read for homework, please do not tell them to read on. Students are given a chapter a night so that they may reread to guarantee comprehension. Often I find that students forget story details when they read several chapters at night and cannot remember their actual homework so we can talk about it.

Language Arts

We will continue our unit on personal narrative writing this week and focus on revising with intent with help from our mentor text. We will also continue to review adjectives.


We will focus on combinations or and ar this week.

We will have a phonics assessment on Friday, however, it will not be a traditional spelling test. Students will show their mastery of these phonemes (part of words that make one sound) by reading 6 words and spelling 4 words.

Students should practice their words at our Spelling City page nightly. The link is found below.


We finish our unit on place value. We will review everything we learned this unit-- three-digit place value, groups of ten in a three-digit numbers, word form, expanded form, skip-counting, and comparing numbers. Students will take their unit one test on Thursday and Friday.


We begin our first big STEAM integrated unit this week. Students will work to research bees to learn why they are dying so they can address our problem-- "What can we do at Woodland to help bees and keep them from dying?" In this unit students will study and learn about changes to the environment around us caused by weather, plants, animals, and people.

Social Studies

We will continue our study of Jimmy Carter this week. We will learn about his life and how he worked to protect human rights.

Spelling Words

far, star, start, for, horn, fork, cord, part, dark, short

Play games to learn your spelling words at

Lancelot Léon

Lancelot spent the weekend hanging out with Malia! Congrats, Malia!

Follow our Twitter feed to see what Malia and Lancelot learn this week!

See what Nia did with Lancelot when they took him home below! Malia's story will be posted next week. :0)

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Top Wildcat

Students voted Seth Top Wildcat this week. Students feel Seth shows respect to them, to teachers, to our classroom, and to our school. One classmate feels Seth is such a good classroom citizen, he's voted for him every week! Congrats, Seth!

Ms. Cantlebary

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