Year Of Facts

Brett Lewis


Eleanor Roosevelt's life had some good moments and bad moments . First Her Dad died when she was ten. Secondly Eleanor got kicked out of school her mom was very mad. Next her mom died. After that she got married to Franklin Roosevelt. Then her husband becomes president of the USA. Eleanor contributes to the war. Lastly Eleanor is famous and well known.

Cause And Effect

Winston Churchill is a very good man because he helped out with a lot of things in the government. Winston was in government at a low age. This means that he had to help with war at a young age. Got kicked out of government. Had to work hard to get back in then he became a prime minister.

Problem and Solution

Josiah Viera has a rare disease called Progeria. Josiah has to go the hospital weekly and he does not like it. Josiah loves baseball he is on a baseball team because people let him play. Josiah was about to be put down but he stayed alive from a miracle. Some doctors do not no how he stayed alive.
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