Flaherty, Noah-2nd Hr

Nuclear Energy

3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Awesome! 3/3

Nuclear Energy Video

Watch This Video To Find out 3 Reasons Why Nuclear Power is Awesome!

Question #1 Where is the resource found?

Uranium is found in the ground and then mined

Question #2 How is the resource formed?

Uranium was formed in supernova's 6.6 Billion years ago

Question #3 How is the resource used?

Uranium is used in rectors to

  • generate heat in reactors
  • produce fissle material for nuclear weapons
  • used for colorant in uranium glass

Question #4 What cool facts and statistics can you find?

  • Nuclear energy produces large amounts of energy 24/7
  • Produces no air pollution
  • makes 63% of the US's emission free energy

Question #5 What is one innovative energy for you discovered?

Sewage energy is one type of innovative energy I discovered

  • Bacteria generate electrons as they break down natural material like sewage

Noah Flaherty