Your Lungs Are at Risk!

A Single Cigarette Could Ruin Your Life

Hazards of Smoking

Smoking is never good no matter what the age. It can cause permanent damage to your body, mainly the lungs. Once you start smoking it starts to reel you in deeper into a bad habit and addiction, it becomes harder and harder to quit. That's why i'm here to fix that problem by telling you the bad things smoking can do to your body.

Nicotine Addiction

The causes of nicotine are the main reason why it's so hard to quit smoking. Once nicotine gets inside your body like from smoking a cigarette, it gives your body a relaxed feeling once it spreads all out through your body, but eventually that relaxed feeling will ware of in maybe 30-45 minutes. Then you'll want to have another cigarette to get that relaxed feeling again, that’s what starts the addiction. People will start to depend on nicotine like they would with drugs after smoking a few cigarettes. They won't want to stop. Smoking addiction could also come from many developmental stages like from drinking to much.