Newsletter Oct 19-23

Mrs. Calta & Mss Barnett


Oct 20 - PTA Meeting at 6:30

Oct 23 - Early Release day at 12:30pm


Oct 26 - Wear a team shirt

Oct 27 - Wear a super hero shirt

Oct 28 - Wear neon clothes

Oct 29 - Wear Hawaiian theme

Oct 30 - Wear boots

Nov 6 - Worth Zoo Field Trip

1st 9 weeks!!

Reading: Next week we will be reading: Stellaluna bats related articles. This is a great story to introduce characters, setting, purpose and story elements. We will do several activities with this story to build comprehension and fluency.

Language: We will focus on Sentences types.

Spelling: We are planning to have our next spelling test on Oct 30. Please keep practicing at home with the new list coming this Monday.

Math: We will keep learning about problem solving strategies, place value,

Social Studies: We will keep learning Cardinal directions.

Science: We are learning about the changes on matter.


* Need chaperons for the Zoo field trip in November please send a e-mail to your homeroom teacher if you are interested.

* For English spelling words: The Words Their Way spelling lists, students should log onto

Spelling City to practice their words before the test next Friday. They will use this link to access Spelling City:

* if you get an e-mail about parent conference reschedule, please choose another option if you can for October 28. IT WILL BE OF A GREAT HELP FOR US!!.

* You can also visit Mrs Barnett web site ( to find Spelling city. Link under the ³Class Info² tab. Then select ³Helpful Links² for easy access throughout the year!!

* Ft. Worth Zoo Field Trip has been moved to Friday, 11/6, due to our Science Assembly on 11/5. Permission forms and fee for the Ft. Worth Zoo are due by Oct.15.

* If you are considering sending birthday snack for the class remember that it has to be peanut free.

* Thank you to the parents that are helping with the tennis balls. We are in need of more balls. Please keep sending some.

* Our web sites: Mss. Barnett at Mrs. Calta at You can find some extra information about the teachers, academic support games and pretty soon pictures from the class.

Suggestions for improving Spanish Vocabulary at home

o Read Easy Spanish book of your choice.

o Spend some time on my web for fun activities in Spanish:

o Watch cartoons and movies in Spanish.

Scholastic BOOKS!!

Please remember to use our code: NDWDZ or find my name under teachers at Wellington: Neitheva Calta when buying Scholastic books. We are in great need of more Spanish books for our class.


1. ..............hoy (meaning in English is today)

2. ..............ayer (meaning in English is yesterday)

3. ..............mañana (meaning in English is tomorrow)

4. ..............nunca (meaning in English is never)

5. ..............siempre (meaning in English is to always)

6. ..............abajo (meaning in English is below)

7. ..............arriba (meaning in English is up)

8. ..............fiesta (meaning in English is party)

9............... regalo (meaning in English is gift)

10.............. zoológico (meaning in English is zoo)

For words in English/Spanish:

* Practice the words for test next Friday Oct 30.

* Remember to write your words with lower cases.

* Every word is worth 10 points. If the word is spelled correctly and all the letters are right.

* The use off upper cases will be worth 1 point off your total grade.

* A missing or misplaced accent in Spanish words are considered a mistake.

Spanish Immersion Parent Collaborative 2015-2016

Dates ....................Times

January 6th ............9:00 AM/ 6:30 PM

March 17 ...............9:00 AM/ 6:30 PM

May 12 ...................9:00 AM/ 6:30 PM

Adress for the meetings:

400 West Main Street

Lewisville, TX