Moon Landing Conspiracy

Was the most influential moment of the 60's faked?


In 1969, Americans watched in amazement as man took his first steps on the moon. This was a moment that changed how many Americans viewed progress in our country. However, some are questioning whether this monumental feat actually happened or if it was staged by the government to raise moral and fool Russia into thinking our country was winning the space race. What do you think?

Why do some people think it's a hoax?

Many people believe that the United States government faked the moon landing to trick Russia into thinking we were winning the space race. Their theory is supported by the following evidence:

  • The flag is waving, but there is no wind on the moon.
  • There are no stars visible in any of the pictures
  • There are photos with both astronauts in the frame, but no visible camera.
  • The lighting and shadows are extremely varied in all of the pictures.

Why do scientists say it's real?

All of the evidence above seems pretty solid, but scientists say there are simple explanations for each fact listed. For example:

  • The inertia stored from when the flag was rolled up and stored kept the flag moving even after the astronauts placed it in the ground.
  • The reflection of the sun on the moon's surface is so bright, that the glare made it impossible to see stars in the photos. Also, the astronauts used fast exposure settings when taking the pictures which limits incoming background light.
  • The camera's were mounted onto the astronaut's suits right above their chests, which made it look like neither astronaut was taking the picture.
  • There were multiple light sources influencing the pictures. In addition to the sun, there was light reflecting off the Earth, the lunar module, the spacesuits, and the lunar surface.

What we think:

Although the evidence towards the hoax appears convincing, all of the facts can be explained away very simply. There are scientific reasons for each piece of evidence! Therefore, we believe that the moon landing was NOT a hoax or a conspiracy theory and that the United States really did send a man to the moon successfully in 1969.
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