Mechanical Engineer

By Cole

What is a mechanical engineer?

Mechanical Engineers are a design/prototype engineer. They design what ever they are told to make then they create the prototype and solve the problems and then once all problems are solved they, put the product out for sale.
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What kind of schooling do you need to get a job?

If you wanted a good job you would have to go to a tech school for, 4+ years. Most mech. engineers take 2+ years at any university.

What do you do all day?

In the morning, you would wake up, then you would do all your normal breakfast and get ready stuff and drive to work. Once you are at work you would check in and go to your office. then you would get into your designing on blueprints, once the blueprints are done you get a small version of the product that you make. Then, you would make a big version if you are happy with it, then you find the problems, and solve them. Once all this is done you would give it to the production manager, and then you start the next one. Now you may be asking how can you do that in one day of work. That whole plan thing takes days, weeks, months depending on the product.(this is what I've only heard about for this job)
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