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Google to Release Another SEO Mobile Update in May

If you have yet to optimise your website for mobile devices, now is the perfect time to do so. According to reports, Google is releasing yet another SEO update for mobile sites. You may remember that the search giant has released a huge mobile update last year that has affected the rankings of thousands of websites across the globe. According to Australian SEO expert Jim Stewart, the update is set to go live in May so you still have plenty of time to get cranking to ensure that you'll benefit from Google's latest move.

What We Know about Google's Upcoming Mobile Update

According to Stewart, Google's latest SEO update is designed to determine which sites are the most mobile-friendly. The search giant is expected to check a number of different criteria, but he believes that the most important one is loading speed.

A slow loading speed can negatively affect your site's mobile ranking. Stewart explains that even if you have excellent ranking on desktop applications, a three-second delay in the loading time of your mobile site can potentially "crush" your business. This is why you should utilise web development strategies that will ensure that your site is optimised for mobile devices and has good loading times.

If your site already has a mobile version, but is struggling to load at a faster rate, Stewart recommends changing your web hosting, especially if your host is slow. However, if your site is the one with the problem, it won't do you any good even if you change hosts. What you should do is change your coding, reduce image sizes, and clean up links on your site.

Find Someone to Help

Don't know how to optimise your site for mobile devices and/or improve its loading times? If running your business is your forte and not tinkering with your website, then you should leave such a task in the hands of web development and marketing experts. Enlist the services of highly experienced and skilled web experts to ensure that your site will be ready when Google rolls out its latest mobile update in May.

Another benefit of enlisting the services of the professionals is that you'll be able to make the most of their social media marketing skills and expertise. With their expert assistance, you can come up with better marketing campaigns that can help you create better brand awareness and attract the attention of more potential customers.

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