Internet Safety

How to stay safe on the internet

Steps to becoming a safe interneter!

1. Never share any personal info like phone number, address, etc.

2. People on the internet sometimes aren't the people you think they are, some person can say that they are a 12 year old girl when really they are a 40 year old man

3. If you see something inappropriate close out of the site!!!

4. If the conversation gets a little uncomfortable sign out and either stay out for a while or make a new account with different info.

5. If they ask to go out somewhere say NO!!!!

6. If you do not follow instruction number 6 than have a parent with you or have your parents permission before you go.

7. Do not go anywhere with the stranger because he probably will try to kidnap you

8. if you dont follow rule 1 and you are walking home from somewhere and you see a car and they know your name, thats when you sprint to the nearest house or neighbor (DO NOT FALL FOR THE CANDY!!!)

9. If you get a call from a blocked number i wouldnt answer it because you dont know who it is.

10. if you see number 3 then tell your parents right away

Never let a stranger on the internet ruin your life and make you a bad person.

In fact dont let anyone change who you are. SO BE A SAFE INTERNETER NOW!!!