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Fun Facts

- Brazil is the fifth Largest country in the world.

- It's real name is called The Federative Republic of Brazil.

- The population rates are up to about 205,000,000 people.

-Most of the pollution in Brazil is from gold mines throughout the country. There has been strict laws set for gold mining. No one is aloud to put harsh chemicals into the streams.

- They do have armed forces of 236,000 soldiers. The force is controlled by the states governor.

Daily Life

Some of the Brazilian people farm. Brazil is a big coffee producer. Some people are nomads and they hunt, move, and gather all the time to survive. They play sports and they have some other activities.


100,000 people from Brazil have died from circulatory diseases and cancer causes. They don't know why so many people have died from those certain causes. With the circulatory disease it causes the blood streams to shrink in some spots. Then the blood starts to clot up and creates red rash looking spots on skin and sometimes bulging veins or bumps.


Surprisingly Brazil has the largest Japanese heritage outside of Japan. Salvador, Brazil is most like towns in Africa because educing slavery towns African's were sent into Brazil. There they had created their own heritage. African, European, and Native Heritages In Brazil. People there are most like people here in the U.S.A.


Most people work with coffee industries or they work with steel, iron, and equipment. There are also government jobs available. They like to make pottery sometimes for a hobby or for selling. People mostly grow bananas, oranges, and coffee.


18% of the country's federal taxes go to all of the school districts in Brazil. The country is very strict on literature. Literature is best known in Brazil. They do have extra curricular classes and sports.


The biggest sport in Brazil is soccer. Sometimes the games will go on for 24 hours total! They also like to make pottery sometimes for fun or to sell. Also hunting and gathering they like to do.

Law and Government

In Brazil they have 53 amendments.They have a program called the Sphere of government, they help create laws and discuss amendments. In Brazil there voting ages go from 18-70 years of age. Also the president only has a 4-year term.


In the Forests holds many natural resources like gold, woods, and Fertile soil. There has been some strict laws set for deforestation. People try to cut down the forests for farm land and uses for the wood. In Brazil there are many gold mines spread out throughout the country. Most of the mines are found around the forests.


Sometimes people will try to smuggle animals and sell them off. 2 million animals have been smuggled from Brazil. Parrots were sold about 10,000 dollars an animal and Monkeys were sold for 50,000 dollars. In Brazil there are Pumas, Jaguars, Foxes, Anteaters, Sloths, Armadillos, Deer, and Red-Bellied Piranhas.

Rain Forests and Forests

The forests take up almost half of the entire country and the forests lead up to Brazilian highlands to the coast. The forests in Brazil hold most of all the country's resources.


It is 10 times the size of Kansas. 1/3 of the farmland there is unused due to not many people working in farming industries. 61% of Brazil is rain forests and forests also Brazil is actually about 3,000,000 square miles.


Throughout the country there are a lot of different temperatures due to different land forms such as mountains, forests, and water ways. Tropical, temperate, and subtropical are a few of the climates. Forests in the North and the Deserts in the Northeast changes the weather a lot. There isn't a lot of dry seasons in Brazil. The average temperature there is around 77 degrees but the temperatures change during the night and day.

Human/Land History

The first people who came to Brazil were Natives. Most of the people there came from Africa when slavery was still going on. Once back then a president gave unused land to the poor farmers that didn't have enough land to make a living. Also in 1980 that is when the first finding of gold was found in the forests.

Travel and Tourism

The road ways in Brazil are 1.98 million kilometers. There are also railways and 2,500 airports. There are many things to see there lots of ecotourism around the forests and land tourism. There are also tours and shows about the country's culture.
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