Room 126a

Weekly Update #20

"How does your piano work?" Quinn

A Week In Review

It has been a few weeks since our last blast. With special events, meetings, workshops, and a few sick days, it seems like time has just been flying past... and I do apologize.

Despite everything, there has been some amazing learning go on in room 126a. We continue to be inspired by the questions and thinking that our students are engaged in. Our weekly wonders to date have covered weather patterns ("how do clouds make snow?" and "where does the wind come from?"), transportation and physics ("how do cars work?" "how do boats float?" and "how do submarines work?" ... with a bit of history included "how did the Titanic sink?"), and animal behaviours ("Why do some animals hibernate or migrate, and why don't other animals?" "how do animals survive in the arctic?" and "why do some animals change their colours?").

Along with our new thinking routines (which has inspired some really great writing from your children), we have also begun a new entrance routine in the afternoons. Until recently, students would come in from outside for 'quiet reading and rest time'. But it has hardly been quiet or a rest since January. So now it is 'reading and wonder time'. When students come in, the SMARTboard shows the daily wonder on These wonders are on any subject (recently we learned about the first movie ever made and how calculators work). Students can choose to either read independently on the carpet or write in their wonder journal based on the daily wonder. We then explore the wonderopolis page to find information about the daily wonder.

"To make rain, water evaporates up into the sky from the oceans and makes clouds." Ethan

This Week's Special Helpers are....

Monday Elliot & Oscar

Tuesday Gabriella, Mika, & Emma

Wednesday Scarlett & Abby

Thursday Ella & Moritz

Friday Suneil & Tori

Happy Birthday to Suneil, Claire, and Olivia who recently celebrated their birthdays!

"Axles help keep wheels on cars." Gabriella

Class Trip to Humber Arboretum

All permission forms and money have been received, and parents have indicated if they would like to attend our class trip on March 27th. Those parents will be email this week to inform them whether or not they were drawn from the hat. If you indicated interest in attending, but have not received an email by Thursday, please email me.

"Things float because they have air." Samira

Arrival and Dismissal Times

Parents are reminded that they should not be entering the school during morning arrival times. Older children should join their line and enter the school through their assigned door with the other students. Once older siblings have been dropped off to their line, there is enough time to come around the school to our entry door. Students should not be dropped off at the internal door, as we can not ensure their safety.

If you are arriving late, then you must enter the school through entrance 1, and sign your child in at the office before delivering them to the classroom.

Also, students who are away for the morning, should not arrive for afternoon classes until 12:15 when the teachers go on duty in the yard. Similarly, if you are withdrawing you child for the afternoon, please be prepared to pick them up at the beginning of lunch, 11:30. We often travel to other parts of the school, including the school yard, Hillside Garden, gym, library, and music rooms. If you are delivering or picking up your child at times other than arrival and dismissal times, we can not guarantee that they will be in the classroom or prepared to leave.

Please make sure your child arrives at school dressed to play outside every day!

Weekly Walk

The weather is finally on our side, and our walks have resumed. Our regular weekly walk will take place at 9:00am on Friday. If you are available to join us this week for a walk, please email me to let me know.

"Things float because they weigh less than the water they push away. Things sink because they weigh more than the water they push away." Quinn

Beach Day

On Friday, the students in room 126a and b will be getting geared up for the March Break by celebrating Beach Day. Students should come to school in summery clothes (please no bathing suits). We will play beachy music and have some beach fun.

Please note, however, that we will be going on our weekly walk first thing in the morning, so they should still have all appropriate out-door gear.

"Boats float because they have flat bottoms. Submarines sink because they have round bottoms." Zoe


If you are available to do laundry this week, please email me to let me know.

"Hibernate means an animal's heart and breathing slows down and their body cools down." Suneil

Help Keep Each Other Healthy

We have been working on building healthy habits (such as washing our hands when they have been in our mouths, etc...) in the classroom. However, germs do continue to travel fast through our classroom. Please practice healthy habits with your child at home: cover mouths with elbows when coughing and sneezing; use kleenex instead of fingers to wipe noses; and wash hands with soap and water (don't forget to scrub). Also, if your child is sick, please keep them home until they are better. Please help us keep each other healthy.

Also, in light of recent measles outbreaks across North America, the TDSB is reminding everyone to ensure that your children have been appropriates vaccinated. If public health does not have appropriate documentation of your child's vaccinations, and a case of measles occurs at Runnymede, your child will have to stay home during that time to ensure their safety. Please make sure that school has all appropriate vaccination documentation for you children.

"Arctic Hares make a group to share warmth." Nathan