May 31, 2016

Last One!!!

I can't believe it is already the end of the year and our last newsletter! Please take the time to read the questions section this week- there have been LOTS of great questions that I am sure you will find helpful!

Our Adventures

Questions & Answers

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Question: Will I be able to sign my child out after the awards and party tomorrow.

Answer: Yes. We will have a sign out sheet ready.

Question: What should my child wear to the award ceremony tomorrow?

Answer: summer fun clothes- this could be swim suits, summer dresses, sunglasses, summer hats, flip flops- the theme is summer fun!

Question: Should my child wear something different if it rains? What should they wear if it is rainy outside

Answer: We will still have a summer fun theme and summer attire is still encouraged, even if we are not able to go outside to get wet.

Question: Should I send a change of clothes for my child in case they get wet or do not want to wear their swimsuit all day?

Answer: That is a great idea. We have back up clothes for most kids but not all.

Question: Should I still send a lunch for my child/ will you still have regular lunch?

Answer: Yes, although we will have plenty of food, our party starts at 9:45 and they will likely be hungry again by our 11:30 lunchtime. We will eat in the cafeteria as usual and your child may have their lunch from home or purchase a tray as usual.

Important Dates

June 1: Class Awards at 9 am and Class Party immediately after

June 2: Last day for PPCD students

June 3: Last day for ECC students *hours will be 6:50-3:00