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Thaddeus Herzog at International Conference on Betel Quid and Areca Nut

Thaddeus Herzog, PhD, was invited to present as a speaker at the International Conference on Betel Quid and Areca Nut, held in Malaysia. Herzog received an invitation from the Director of the NCI Center for Global Health, to share his expertise. The conference was the first effort on behalf of the NCI to identify oral cancer research priorities related to areca ("betel") nut, which is the 4th most commonly used addictive substance in the world.

Currently, Herzog is the UH Cancer Center's project leader on a full project under the U54 UH Cancer Center/UoG partnership, and his project is the first ever randomized trial to test the effectiveness of a behavioral intervention to help betel nut chewers quit, thus possibly reducing their risk for developing head and neck cancers.
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Wall of UH Cancer Center Directors

You can see the wall on the 6th floor!
Lawrence Piette, PhD, 1974-1985
Dr. Brian Issell, 1988-1999
Dr. Carl-Wilhelm E. Vogel, 1999-2008
Dr. Michele Carbone, 2009-2014
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