Keyspan Remote Help

Interference with other Remotes

To keep remotes from interfering with each other, you must sync your remote to your computer. After inserting the USB receiver into your computer, do the following:

  • On the remote, PRESS and HOLD the MODE button (bottom triangular button) & the Composite Switch (clickwheel) at the same time until the MODE button flashes green.
  • Quickly stick a paperclip in the tiny hole on the USB receiver.
  • Press in on the Composite Side Switch (clickwheel).

Activating the Laser

  • The laser must be re-activated each time you remove & reinsert the USB receiver from your computer, and after a period of 30 minutes inactivity.
  • To activate the laser, hold down the MODE button (bottom triangular button) and the small blue button at the same time until the MODE button flashes red.
  • Continue holding down the small blue button for 5 more seconds.
  • Press both buttons at the same time again for 5 more seconds.

Advancing Through Presentations

Some controls work differently depending on the type of presentation.

  • The composite/clickwheel button ADVANCES slides in POWERPOINT, but ZOOMS IN/OUT in PREZI.
  • To advance in PREZI, hover over the advance button on the computer & use the left click button on the remote.


  • Laser Pointer: Little blue button
  • Mouse: Large gray button
  • Left click (select or advance)/Right click (menu): Large silver button
  • Clickwheel: Towards you to advance in PPT, or to zoom out in PREZI