Media Literacy



In the world today and even back in the old ages there were a number of inventions, cars, and radios that was the next big thing. There was always something that citizens feel like they couldn’t live without. Today that big thing is Media. The media is something that people will tell you they cannot live without. Media is often times looked at as just the internet but it is much more than that. Anything that can be used as communication or needs internet connection I think can be viewed as “media”. For Example radios, computer, and cell phones. The younger generation use the media more than the elders but that theory is quickly changing. More and more “old people” are using media. Now we come to the question on what is Media Literacy. I think Media literacy is as simple as knowing how to use the media. The more you use media the more you become media literate. You start being able to teach others how it works. In today’s generation the youth is teaching the old how to use media. This is why more elders are starting to get into media. You can compare it to writing. Someone like me cannot write to save my life but can still write but Coach Zopf is more literate in writing and is better. That is why I am a student in his class and he is a teacher. Same with media many people are media literate there are just some that are more than others.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Superbowl Precis

Budwiser’s beer commercial, “Puppy Love” (2/2/2014); creates an emotional attachment to its product through the means of animals and relationships. The commercial depicts an inseparable bond between a horse and a puppy, which results in creating a relationship between their owners. The purpose of the commercial is to get an emotional reaction from views in order to create an emotional attachment to the product being advertised. The intended audience is any American animal lover established by the commercial’s old fashion American values, along with a heart warming story of two furry friends.

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Changing History

Davis Cook

Coach zoft


In 1861 the south conceded from the North and called themselves the Confederate States of America . The north was not fond of the idea of slavery which was the cause of the south leaving. The North called themselves the union. This begin the first civil war in history of the united states of America. The north was governed by Abraham Lincoln and had twice as much solders than the south. The two fought for slavery. The south for slavery and the North against. the war lasted a couple of years ending in 1865. The south had won the war. The North joined the confederate States of America and slavery was still at large. Slavery was now spreading toward the north. there became more plantations for blacks to work. It was now illegal for any black citizen in the CSA not to be a slave in some form. A white male or female could pay the government for a slave in their own home kind of like a butler. This did not just have an effect this nation but affected the rest of the world present time Canada and Mexico began to fight with the CSA. The president of the CSA did not like their feelings and looked like they were beginning another war over the issue of slavery. This went on for a couple of years now doubting if slavery would ever end. Finally the arguing stopped mostly due to the CSA having the strongest set of troops in the world. It was quiet for a couple of years and slavery was still at large. That all changed when the blacks started to rebel. The slaves started to try and kill the plantation owners which they were not successful. Everyone around the world could see that slavery was an issue and needed to be stopped. Even people in the CSA could see that slavery was going to be a long term issue if it was not stopped. CSA looked to be going into another civil war. The French declared war on the CSA sending troops by ship. The French had the best navy in the world and did damage on the southeast region freeing a lot of slaves. The south east region began to be captured by the French because of the strength of the navy. The southeast present day Georgia, Florida, north Carolina, and south Carolina because they were taken over by the French were fighting the rest of the country. The slaves began to fight alongside the French and the rest of the Whites. Finally on 1870 the CSA gave up on the fight on slavery. The president knew that they could of easily won but knew the issue of slavery would have to come to an end at some point. He didn’t want to risk the lives of anymore solders. The French began to take over the country calling it the United States of America. The French governed the nation so nothing like slavery would happen again.

Someone finally come forward and telling the truth about what really happened and the effects of the civil war

Mr. Roboto- Styx

Mr. Roboto

The band STYX’s song Mr. Roboto has a very strong connection with the book 1984. In the book 1984 George Orwell presents a dystopian society That Winston lives in. A line in the song says “my heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain I.B.M.” The goal of the party in 1984 was to eliminate emotions and have no individuality. Winston’s heart was human, his blood was fine, but very well had a brain that resembled a computer. The party would keep trying to find ways to make the society even more robotic than they actually were. At times Winston would question his sanity. He could not fathom his own personality. Another line that relates says,” You're wondering who I am-machine or mannequin.” I know if I lived in the dystopian society of 1984 I would begin to wonder if I was even a person anymore. I think Winston thought the same thing which began his rebel. One more line that relates is,” I am the modern man, who hides behind a mask so no one else can see my true identity.” The party made the society so robotic that no one saw the true identity in a person. They were just a person behind a mask.

Mr. Zopf's Media litearcy Class

Language arts have always been my worst subject through the years. When I first walked into this class I knew I was going to dread every minute of it because I was walking into a language arts class. In the first couple of weeks I was truly surprised with the information we were talking about in the class. This was not like any other language arts classes. This class was going to be different. I think the biggest difference was you as a teacher. Most language arts teachers that I have had have been mean and not helpful. Not the case with Mr. Zopf. You made the class fun as it possibly could have been even though at times there was a lot of homework and class work. In other classes all we did was read, grammar practice, and IRS. This year I learned more than I ever have about being a good writer even though I still suck I am better than I was before. I learned that the media plays a huge role in how Americans act towards a certain news story. I also learned the real use for twitter and all of the cons that surround us. I will never use twitter the way I did before and can now spot the people you should avoid. This class was amazing and is up there for the best class that I have taken in my high school career. As for the future of this class you don’t need to change much. One thing I would change is lay off the homework for the sole reason that you teach seniors. Most seniors are not as motived to do homework like they once were. Everything else was great and you Mr. Zopf will go down as my favorite language arts teacher of all time!