Clay's Golfing Lessons

Join our golf club, every Thursday evening at 4:30!

Find the golf swing you've been searching for!

Love Golf? Having a hard time finding that perfect shot that leaves you inches away from the cup? Tired of slicing or hooking the ball into out of bounds territory? The dissatisfaction is over. Clay's golfing lesson will teach you the fundamentals that are necessary in helping you perfect that much desired golf swing!

Thursday evenings from 4:30-6:30

Wintergreen Golf Resort has a beautiful 18 hole golf course with wide open fairways and the best greens in the area! Step by step instructions will be given to all golfers who are looking to improve their game and perfect their shot. Our instructors are well experienced and all hold the title of golfing professionals.

Our PGA Instructors

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A Little About Me

As a long-time successful golfer and being supported by the Professional Golf Association, I will guarantee that my lessons will make a positive difference in your game. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, you will find the game you have always desired. With the combined knowledge and skills of myself and my instructors we will bring your golfing potential to life.

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