Handiform Watch

User Guide

Features Of The Handiform Watch

The Handiform Watch is the most up to date and technologically advanced watch ever to come to our shelves. It projects a screen onto your hand and then, using the latest in nerve impulse detecting technology, you can simply touch your palm to use the watch. It also has full internet access anytime, anywhere. This guide is here to allow to get the most out of these advanced features.

The Screen

The Handiform Watch possesses a screen projected from the body of the watch onto the palm of your hand. By detecting the nerve impulses running through your wrist this screen works as a touchscreen, simply press quite firmly on the icon you want to select and the watch will follow through. However, be sure to keep your hand still when using the screen as certain movements could be inadvertently detected by the watch.


The watch has full internet access anywhere you are so you will no longer be cut off from the outside world whilst on holiday! The wi-fi should work by default on the watch, without needing to be switched on, however, if you do experience problems with the internet access on your watch then simply touch the settings icon, then go to the wi-fi section and follow the instructions given by the watch. Remember to set an internet password on your watch for your personal security. The watch will give you an opportunity to do this when you first turn it on, but you may have to reset it after upgrading your watch or if you have a secondhand watch, to do this simply go to settings, then wi-fi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I always need to wear the watch on the same wrist? No, the watch works just as well on either wrist, it is designed to pick up the nerve impulses coming from your hand and so does not calibrate to a particular wrist.

How far down my arm should I wear my watch? To get the best performance, you should wear your watch as close to your hand as is comfortable, however, a precise location is not needed and the watch will work on any part of the wrist.

Can I turn the screen off? Yes, the main body of the watch features a lock switch which lets you turn the screen on and off. It is important to remember to lock the screen as otherwise you may activate something against your intentions, not to mention it will drain the watch's battery.

How often do I need to charge my watch? The watch will inform you when it is low on battery and we recommend you charge it then, however, the watch can be charged at any level of battery, provided it is not overcharged.

Is my watch water resistant? Yes, the Handiform watch is fully water resistant, however, we recommend that you don't use your watch underwater or in heavy rain as this could affect its performance.