Lab Leaves Part 2

Celastris orbiculata-Oriental Bittersweet

Leaves: Alternate arrangement, simple, orbicular, 2'' to 5" long, serrated margins, green in color.

Berberis thunbergii-Japanese Barberry

Leaves: alternate arrangement, ovate shape, 0.5'' long .25'' to .05'' wide, bright green in color.

Polygonum Cuspidatum-Japanese Knotweed

Leaves: oblong-ovate or ovate lanceolate, 3-6'' long and 2-4.75'' wide.

Rosa multiflora-Rose Multiflora

Leaves: alternate arrangement, odd pinnatley compound, obovate shape, green color.

Lonicera species-Honeysuckle

Leaves: opposite arrangement, simple oval

Acer ginnala-Amur Maple

Leaves: opposite arrangement, three-lobed 1.5'' to 3'' long

Acer platanoides-Norway Maple

Leaves: opposite arrangement, 5 lobed leaves, 4'' to 7'' across, dark green in color.

Euonymus alatus-Winged Burning Bush

Leaves: opposite leave arrangement simple, elliptic, 1'' to 3'' long fine sharp serrations, dark green in color.