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Green Greetings

We are feeling spirited for St. Patrick's Day, and are busily wrapping up Quarter 3. A few fun events are happening this and next week, so read on!

Top News

  • Green Day! Spirit Day! It is easy being Green! Thursday, March 14.
  • Teacher Work Day: Monday, March 17. Students stay home. :)
  • Unofficial Field Trip: "Divergent" Premiere Film Night: Thurs., March 20 8pm
  • Field Trip: Yes Theater "Hairspray" Friday, March 21. 9am-11:45am
  • End of Quarter 3: Friday, March 21.
  • Open House: April 9
  • Spring Break: April 14-18
  • Catching Up Some students have fallen behind, and I encourage them to seek additional help from me if they are struggling with writing, or any of our assignments. I can write a pass to help students during Workshop, and am often available at lunch for more one-on-one time.
  • Restock Binders It's time to restock binder paper, pencils, pens & highlighters!
  • Parents: Keep Checking Edmodo & Aeries These are both important tools for monitoring your child's progress. Edmodo will show assignments and other class information. Aeries is the official gradebook.

Writing & Reading & More

Divergent Unofficial Field Trip In keeping with our Dystopia/Utopia Unit, the movie based on the Young Adult bestselling novel, Divergent, is coming out on Thursday, March 20. We are having an unofficial field trip to see the movie on its opening night. Any students and parents who can join us are welcome! Students are responsible to arrange for parent drop-off and pick-up, and to purchase the ticket on Fandango before they sell out! We will see the 8:00pm show of "Divergent" at the Fairfax Theater.

(I apologize for the week-night plan--students are also busy with rehearsals and shows for the Yes Play "Hairspray")

Utopia Group Board Game Project Groups have been collaborating and getting creative to craft board games about their very own utopia or dystopia. The final board games are due on Friday, March. 14. We'll celebrate by playing them! You can, too, at Open House!

Independent Clauses In grammar, we are getting to know independent clauses. Soon, we'll use this knowledge to distinguish simple sentences from complex and compound sentences. Of course, the goal is to use these different sentence structures in our writing! Kelly Clarkson helped us to remember the independent clause, and a ski game is on Edmodo to practice.

Erasing Memories Argument Writing We are following up The Giver with reading some current articles about new drugs that scientists have been developing which actually make it possible to erase memories. Should we? How does one regulate this practice? Under which circumstances should memories be erased? We'll begin this project on Wednesday, March 12. This project will extend into Quarter 4.

Coming Up

In April, we will begin Literature Circles. We will be reading a variety of historical fiction novels set in Asia. These will connect with history, while students learn about Imperial China and Medieval Japan.

Late April Smarter Balanced test. This will be a first-time test so that students, teachers and schools can experience what these more rigorous, Common Core tests will be like. I have revamped much of what we do throughout the year to help students prepare for this kind of reading, writing, and testing. I will continue to help them feel ready!

I encourage parents to take a Practice Test, accessible through this link:

The Outsiders will be the last novel we read, and it is a great way to wrap up the year. I have some engaging activities planned for this novel, some requiring that we get outside. :)

May 14th: Renaissance Day Grab your Renaissance garb and join us if you can! An event not to be missed!

We love our new classroom! We can't wait for you to see it and our Puffle Chairs!

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White Hill Middle School Seventh Grade English

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