April 2014

Eagle Run in COLOR!

Thank you everyone who helped out in the 6th Annual Eagle Run in COLOR! We had a great turn out of runners and volunteers. With everyone's help ASCUI was able to raise.....$1,476!! for the Around-the-World Semester III.

We loved being able to raise money for a CUI affiliated organization and seeing everyone covered in color.

We would love to hear more feedback about the Eagle Run in Color, so please email Jamie Rivera at

WASC Exit Report

Dear members of the Concordia community:

Congratulations! The WASC team's exit meeting took place at 9:00 am today, and their report was very positive. Team chair Jonathan Parker shared both the team's commendations to Concordia for things we've done particularly well, and their recommendations for further improvement that we will need to address in follow-up communications with WASC. We'll receive an official written team report detailing these items, plus additional suggestions for improvement, but here is a slightly paraphrased version of the oral report from this morning's meeting.

The team commended Concordia University Irvine for:

1. Taking the necessary steps to improve its financial results and the discipline to grow its cash reserves, while still investing in operating initiatives to grow and stabilize the university

2. Developing and successfully implementing a distinctive core curriculum.

3. Addressing all major concerns from the 2006 WASC Commission Action Letter related to assessment, and for creating a rigorous and meaningful culture of assessment.

4. Providing co-curricular services that embrace the university's mission to enhance and support students.

The team's recommendations for Concordia are that we:

1. Extend the time horizon of the university's financial model forecasting to 5-7 years, incorporating the effect of reaching the on-campus enrollment cap and the effect of the 2013 increase in our tuition discount rate.

2. Continue the improvement in the key financial ratios examined by the visiting team, particularly the Viability Ratio, the Primary Reserve Ratio, and the Physical Asset Reinvestment Ratio.

Neither of the two recommendations comes as a surprise; Concordia has taken a number of steps to address campus capacity issues, and we have made significant improvements in all three financial ratios during the last five years. Our leadership is focused on continuing the financial improvements of recent years as we move forward with new initiatives for both on-campus and distance education.

We're thrilled with the commendations as well, which demonstrate improvement and strength in all the key areas of the university's work and mission. It's important to remember that we still have work to do -- we need to continue and complete some of the projects we've undertaken in the last few years, and that we've promised WASC we would complete -- but for today, congratulations and thank you! On behalf of Concordia's leadership on both the Executive Council and the Educational Effectiveness Committee, we are deeply grateful for your commitment to making this WASC review and visit an excellent experience for all involved. God's blessings to all of you! Thank you!


Peter Senkbeil, Accreditation Liaison Officer

For more information about Concordia's WASC accreditation, please contact Dr. Peter Senkbeil, Associate Provost, at 949-214-3202 or

Easter Break

April 17th - April 21st.

We have taken these days off to celebrate the risen Lord.

Remember any class that starts after 4:00 pm on April 21st will still meet for class.

FINALS WEEK April 28- May 2

No Pencil, No Scrantron, No Problem!

ASCUI would like to relieve some of your stress!

Come get your FREE Number 2 Pencils, scantrons and coffee from ASCUI on Monday, April 28th from 6:30am to 9:30am and Tuesday, April 29th from 6:30am to 9:30am.

Meet ASCUI in front of the CU Center!

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Our Mission: The Associated Students of Concordia University Irvine (ASCUI), guided by the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, exists to express the student voice to the administration in the realms of student affairs, policies, and administrative decisions.

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